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Dr. PS Ahuja selected Mr. Vinod Soni for Technology Adoption award 2011 and gave the technology award for tissue culture to Mr. Vinod Soni by Hand of Chief Guest Dr. TA Gonjalvish. IHBT Palampur also certified Rajat Biotech Tissue Culture lab for virus free certification and CPRI Shimla also cerified Nishant Biotech Tissue Culture lab for virus free certification Vinod Soni was awarded by Raja Virbhadara Singh, CM, Himachal Pradesh for doing excellent work in apple root stock in all over Himachal Pradesh on August 2013.
This project is recognized from horticulture department under HTM

  • Horticulture Department of himanchal Pradesh .
  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar University , Solan , Nauni HP.
  • NHB Government of India.
  • IHBT Palampur.
  • Department of Biotechnology Government of India .

IHBT Palampur gave the technical support to Mr. Vinod Soni for tissue culturing in apple root stock. Also provided the culture bottle and protocol to Mr. Vinod Soni by which He is running this lab with the help of Dr. AK Sood, Dr. Raja Ram and Dr. Vipin. Director of IHBT Dr. PS Ahuja gave all type of help for the progressive farmer who is in the profession of tissue culture.

Our new big tissue culture lab named as Nishant Biotech eastablished ……… under H.T.M. Govt of Himachal Pradesh. This laboratory is certified from Department of Biotechnology Science (NCS-TCP), Govt on India, which is single one laboratory in all over India and doing work in Apple Root Stock and certified with DBT. Our laboratory supplied apple root stock in J&K, Himachal , Utranchal and Arunachal Pradesh.

Our production capacity about 10 lack plants annually

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