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Ready Stock Available

Grafted apple plants with verity Schief, Jeromine, Scarlet Supr 2, Redvilox, Adom, Dark Barron Gala, Redlum Gala, Altima Gala, Grany Smith and Pulm, Pear, Cherry and all fruit plant etc.

The available root stock of Apples Plants for the sale is as follows:

M7 MM111 MM106
M793 M9
EM9 EM7 EM111
Apple plants on root stock Cherry on root stock Pear on root stock
Jeromine , Redvilox , Superchief , Washington Red and Gelgala , Redlumgala etc gajala-5 with verity D.N.3 , D.N. 2 , Stella , Early river etc QA , QC , BA 29 and PY with verity carmen , kunal red etc

Kiwi Plants Hawared Female , Temeuri male Booking Start From 15 july onward every year with 40% advance payment Sale from 15 December to 15 March Every Year

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