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Our Technical Team helps to our customers to develop a fruitful and profitable orchard, starting from design, planting, technical inputs and maintenance services. We believe that orchards are an investment for the future and should therefore be established with care and the right expertise so that they produce healthy and bountiful harvests year after year.

The correct planning and planting of a new orchard especially in the mountainous regions of our country, is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and wastage of time. The continued healthy growth of the trees, maximization of production and yields, optimum capital investment and efficient ongoing management is the goal of all orchardists. Due to unavailability of professional assistance at the right time, many farms become unprofitable and their owners give up due to the frustration of running an unviable orchard.

We, at Rajat Nishant Biotech, always happy to provide consultation to our valuable clients all over world.

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