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Apple could be a temperate fruit crop. the typical summer temperature ought to be around 21-24°C throughout the active growth amount. Apple succeeds best in regions wherever the tree’s expertise uninterrupted rest in winter and abundant sunshine permanently color development. It may be mature at Associate in Nursing altitude of 1500-2700 m on top of water level. Well-distributed rain of 1000-1250 millimeters throughout the season is the most favorable for optimum growth and fruitfulness of apple trees.

Apples grow best on well-drained, dirt soils having a depth of 45cm and a pH scale vary of pH scale 5.5-6.5. The soil ought to be free from arduous substrata and water-logged conditions. Soils with serious clay or compact soil square measure to be avoided.

Some Apple Plant Nurseries in Himachal are:

  • Hariman Sharma Apple Nursery (Ghumarwin, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Ambika Apple Nursery (Pangna, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Sharma Plants Nursery (Ghumarwin, Himachal Pradesh)
  • M.Chandra Apple Nursery Farming(Karsog, Himachal Pradesh)
  • IBK Nursery (apple) (Kotkhai, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Aarya Apple Nursery (Pangna, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Thakur Nursery (Kullu, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Suresh Apple Nursery (Bhararu, Himachal Pradesh)
  • Blooming Buds Nursery (Chhog Tali, Himachal Pradesh)